BURNHAM secretary Gary Reeves believes the Hellenic League needs to address the rule that has resulted in the cancellation of the Supplementary Cup final this season.

The Blues were due to take on Flackwell Heath in the final at Ardley United this Saturday but the match was cancelled by the Hellenic League on Tuesday.

A statement on the official club website read: "Certain irregularities have been brought to the notice of the Management Executive in the past 24 hours with regard to player registration irregularities.

"Consequently the staging of the Supplementary Cup has been cancelled until such time as all matters have been fully investigated.

"A further release will be made once the matters have been resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned."

Reeves explained that a Burnham player, Usman Lulastani, was found to be ineligible to appear in the 1-0 win against Highworth Town in the semi-finals.

Reeves admits that it was an honest mistake from The Blues but, after Lulastani featured for the club in previous rounds, questions why the Hellenic League were not made aware earlier.

He also confirmed that Highworth fielded an ineligible player in the same match, as have other clubs in previous rounds of the competition, and argues it is difficult for secretaries to get clarification as the rule stands.

The Burnham secretary told the Observer: "Not a lot has come out from the Hellenic League and there is a mis-conception as to why the final has been postponed.

"A player from each club in the semi-final between Burnham and Highworth was ineligible, and someone complained that we had done so on Monday (April 30).

"The player in question, Lulastani, had appeared for a different club in the Challenge Cup back in October, but that was news to us.

"We were informed on Monday, so I checked the Highworth team and found that one player had appeared for Fairford Town in the Challenge Cup."

Reeves continued: "There's no way of tracking things like this unless you get notification from the club that the player is coming from. There should be a better system in place that enables clubs to know.

"We've signed 139 players this season and, with the greatest intentions in the world, we can't check on everything.

"When players leave us I always tell the secretary just in case but sometimes you don't get that back. The Hellenic League need to have a look at the secretarial roles in clubs.

"It's just a mistake and happens in professional football as well."

Commenting on the difficulties with regards to understanding the rule in question, he added: "The rule is not a good one and there has to be a better way of controlling this.

"Our player in question appeared in the two previous so how come no-one flagged up the situation then.

"We've not done something naughty and tried to cheat. It was an honest mistake but how do you control it.

"A rule is a rule but this is not a good one. If it can happen in step four then why not in step five or six.

"I've looked into clubs in previous rounds and a lot of them have fielded an ineligible player(s), but I don't need to make that pub knowledge or stir crap.

"We will hold our hands up because we've broken the rules but I'm confident no-one properly understands it."

He added: "I would imagine the Hellenic League will now take advice from the FA. I would imagine both Burnham and Highworth Town will be charged, but who knows."

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