BURNHAM can now boast new outdoor nets thanks to a grant from the Veolia Environmental Trust.

The nets were installed by Stuart Canvas and has elevated the club to a new level, providing great facilities for the youth and senior sections.

The club also launched its All Stars Cricket programme, a new initiative from the England and Wales Cricket Board aimed a providing children aged five to eight with a great experience in cricket.

Burnham has 37 kids of which 8-10 are girls and the club has now become more of a social gathering on a Friday evening with parents and people from across the community getting involved.

Mani Singh Gill from Burnham Cricket Club said: “I can understand the importance of nurturing young players through our club system. It starts with having a disciplined colts section and the right pathway.

“The colts section now has six boys that are representing Bucks county at various age groups. Considering two years ago we had no-one from the club representing the county, this shows we’re making steps in the right direction.

"I have a four-year plan that I'm implementing, which is to get the current 14/15 year-olds playing competitive cricket on a Saturday.

"The emphasis is on development and improving their playing abilities. This includes an off-season indoor programme based on strength and conditioning as well as one-to-one sessions and group nets.

"If we carry this programme on for four years, they will be 19/20 years-old and more than capable of holding their own in senior cricket. "We might produce the next cricketing star that can go on to represent England or at county level, whether it be a boy or a girl.

"More importantly, taking up cricket or any other sports, keeps the child in a well-balanced lifestyle."

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