ILYAS Chaudhery made history after being the youngest child in the United Kingdom to be deemed victorious in competition at the World Jiu Jitsu Championship.

The competition was held in Los Angeles and the distinguished young martial artist travelled there accompanied by his jiu jitsu coach, Elias Moreira. His unwavering motivation and support made the conquest to victory achievable.

A day before his participation, eight-year-old Chaudhery competed in the North American Grappling Association and succeeded in attaining Gi and NoGi belts.

His victory surfaced as a result of hard work which consists of training at Icon Jiu Jitsu, a club that specialises in Brazilian jiu jitsu. The club was founded by former men's world champion, Ze Macello, who has had a meaningful contribution to the success of Chaudhery.

One of his experiences at Icon Jiu Jitsu was being awarded the yellow belt, gaining the title of the youngest child to do so. This however would not be possible without the help of all the kids at Icon who were assisting him in preparing for the tournaments.

The assistance provided from Kayani Camp played a significant role in Chaudhery's training, preparing him in strength and conditioning.

His wrestling technique has been perfected by coach, Scott, who also focused on refining his fitness.

The young champion has been undefeated for three years now. Known as 'The Finisher' his impressive record of winning the English, British, European and World titles is a clear reflection of his integrity and hard work.