CHALVEY Sports manager Steve Quelch has announced plans for the Stabmonks to restructure the club based on lessons learnt from this season, writes Rob Stevens.

The Stabmonks finished eighth in their first season in Hellenic Division One East, with Quelch replacing former manager Merv Lloyd back in October.

Quelch is pleased Chalvey were able to stabilise after two seasons as champions of Division Two East, and he explained the restructure will involve the whole club.

He told the Observer: "We will restructure the whole club, learn from this year and look to see where we go with it.

"We will sit down as a whole club because the reserves have stepped up and done fantastically well to. We want to get them up and push them to do better.

"We will probably aim the first team at the top five and then push on from there, but it's not just about them.

"It is about the club structure, bringing through young players and getting youth teams on board, so it's a bigger project.

"We're learning more off the field as well as there's a lot more involved with that."

Quelch continued: "Scott Young (club Chairman) and I sat down at the start of the season and said we wanted to stabilise in our first year at this level, but we always want to do better.

"We wanted to reach mid-table or the top five and build from there, and we weren't far from it to be honest.

"We went into the division with a reputation after what we had won in previous years but it's a difficult league to be in.

"Teams know how to win games or stop you, so you can't go about doing your normal stuff. We found that out early in the season.

"Games on a Saturday and then midweek also proved difficult with player availability.

"We've got to be realistically pleased with where we finished because we were on a real bad run but then picked up and stabilised.

"We're quite pleased but had we finished any lower we would be disappointed."