Bees picked up a vital 3-2 win against struggling Bristol Pitbulls in the National Ice Hockey League.

The Bees had a good start to this game as they dominated the chances on goal at the start of the game. Some chances came from Brendan Walkom, but then at 15:47 Dominik Gabaj got himself on the scoreboard with assists awarded to Juha Lindgren and Ryan Webb. The Pitbulls had chances to test Adam Goss, who was in goal for the Bees but nothing came from attempts from Mason Lipsey and Nikolas Coric. This period ended with the Bees leading 1-0.  

Pitbulls came out with a fight at the start of the second period to try to close the game on the scoreboard. Bees started to test Will Kerlin in goal for the Pitbulls but found themselves on a penalty kill due a penalty called for High Sticks against Bees Adam Rosbottom. Brendan Walkom had a short-handed chance to further extend the Bees’ lead and at 30:43 Brendan scored the Bees’ second goal with goalie Adam Goss getting an assist on the short-handed goal. This saw the period end with the Bees still leading 2-0. 

The Bees entered the third period desperate to defend their 2 goal lead but early on Pitbulls were straight onto the offensive style to try close the 2 goal gap. The Pitbulls luck began to change as at 52:47, Nikolas Coric finally got the puck to the back of Adam Goss’ net after many attempts on the night and assists were given to Ben Solder and Caly Robertson. This was the start for the Pitbulls comeback as then just over a minute later at 53:57 Nikolas Coric got his second goal of the night and Bristol’s second goal of the night, which forced the Bees into their second overtime game of the weekend. But at 62:34, Dominik Gabaj secured the two points for the Bees and left the Pitbulls only leaving with one point.