SCOTT YOUNG believes there are no better days in football than when watching Chalvey Sports beat Chalfont Wasps 4-2 in the Berks & Bucks Senior Trophy.

Chalvey appeared to be heading out of the competition when goals from Mickey Benning and Joe Delieu gave higher-league Chalfont a clear lead inside nine minutes of the second round tie.

However, Sports levelled the scores through Carlton Chisambara and Kyle Rochford, before late strikes from Brian Taylor and Latiff Moore completed a remarkable turnaround at Crossleys.

Speaking to the Observer, Young beamed: “It was an excellent win from our point of view.

“We were up against it having fallen two goals behind early on. There was no rhythm in our play, we could not retain the ball and were not doing anything really.

“We were punished by two sloppy mistakes and you think you’re going to go out.

“Chalfont must have been really confident they were going go get the win but we got back into it towards the end of the first half, and the second half was a completely different game.

“We retained the ball well and it was the best half of football we’ve played all season. To score four goals against them and win in the manner we did is fantastic.

“The lads were all completely buzzing when they got back to the clubhouse because they could not believe it. I did believe because we’ve got the ability to do it.

“There was no bollocking given at half-time and that was the kick-start to get going for the second half. We didn’t change formation in any way but you could sense it coming as soon as the second half kicked off.

“We scored two goals late on to win and the last was a fantastic strike into the top corner. Our hard work paid off and the football we played absolutely made a difference.

“When the first goal went in you could see the momentum shift and we believed we could win the game. You can just sense it sometimes. When the equalising goal went in it seemed like it was going to happen.

“The only thing that would let us down would have been a lapse in concentration, so it was a great win.

Most definitely the best team won based on the second half which was completely different to the first 45 minutes, so we more than deserved to win it.

"We created more chances than the four goals we scored.

"There are not many better days like that, when you come from behind to win."

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