STUART Marks believes that the East Berkshire Premier Division title will go to either Delaford or defending champions Langley this season.

Both teams have made a perfect winning start with Delaford nine points clear at the top of the table having played three games more than Langley.

Delaford boss Marks explained he would rather have points on the board than have to play catch-up, but he admits the title could be decided when the rivals clash twice in the New Year.

He told the Observer: “We’re now eight out of eight and it’s looking good for us. At the moment we have a 100 per-cent record because we’re still in all the cup competitions as well.

“I’m hoping to make a couple of signings to help me out because in a few games we’ve struggled to get a full squad, but that’s the way it is in this league.

“Langley won the title last year and deserved it. They are stronger this year but so are we and they’re three games behind us. Langley have games in hand but they’ve got to put points on the table.

“They’ve got to win games in January and February when it’s hard to do so and pitches are not at their best. I’m glad to have points on the board whereas Langley have a lot of catching up to do.

“We’ve not played Langley yet and I think the league title could be decided on those results. On our day we’re a very good side so it will be two good games between us.

“Langley will have to win their games in hand to play catch up but it can definitely be between us two and will be about who wants it more on the day.

“There are also a few teams that can hurt you when you’re not playing well. Singh Sabha are probably the best team we’ve played so far and can hurt you at this time of the year.”

Marks continued: “I can’t say that I’m 100 per-cent confident but I would be gutted if we didn’t win something this season. Things are going well and we’ve improved massively, especially our discipline.

“We deserve to win something with the team we’ve got here. We’re on the right track and I’m expecting to win at least one piece of silverware.

“I would be happy to get into a cup final because those are always a good day out.”

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