STANLEE Wilson is hoping that a second win against Ashley Gibson will set him on his way to challenge for titles in bare knuckle boxing.

Wilson, 31, beat his old foe at the o2 Arena back in May with the pair set to meet again at the Connection Centre in Coventry this Saturday.

The Slough star is confident that he is the better fighter and, despite taking on the fight at short notice, is planning a knock-out victory.

Wilson told the Observer: “It’s going to be at short notice because I only took on the fight two weeks ago.

“The organisers lost one of their main fights and, in an attempt to keep fighter numbers up, asked if we fancied a rematch, and we both said yes without hesitation.

“I’ve watched our previous fight four or five times now and have got him sussed.

“I’m looking to end it really early and not go the full three rounds like last time. I carried him for two rounds the last time.

“I want to get in and get out so I’m going for a massive knock-out victory.

“I’ve always been confident, win or lose, I always back myself. My boxing ability and shot selection is better than his.”

He added: “I’ve had a little bit of a sickness bug this week but I’m at the back of that now. I feel as I well as I can within the short notice and hopefully that will be enough.

“I’m looking forward to getting in and getting the win, and then look for titles again.

“If I win I will be fighting back at the O2 in January and, if I win there, have every right to cannon for a title again.

“I boxed at the Connection Centre and won last September. I know the layout and the atmosphere, so I know what it’s like. Nothing will trouble my thought process.”

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