A 'BRAVE and beautiful angel' who won the hearts of a community by fighting fear with a smile on her face was laid to rest on Tuesday.

Mourners said their final goodbyes to five-month-old Grace Williams who lost her battle with Edward's syndrome - a rare genetic condition - last month.

The service, at St Mary's Church, Langley, was sprinkled with pink as family and friends wore Grace's favourite colour to remember the baby who will 'live in their hearts forever'.

Grace's mum Laura Blount, speaking at the service, said: "For such a small girl you had a huge impact on the world.

"You went through more in five months then most people do in a lifetime - and you did it all with a smile on your face.

"We were told you would never talk, but just one of your faces spoke a thousand words.

"Our favourite times were when it was me, you and daddy and everyone else was sleeping - just the three of us.

"We will think of it always and hope you are still there sharing the stars with us." She added: "You have made us happier than we thought we could ever be. The best things come in small packages and that was certainly true with you. We will love you always." More in Friday's (10) Observer