A 'COLOURFUL’ character who is thought to have made more money from roofing than his famous brickie brother Max 'Superhod’ Quarterman has died.

Eddie Quarterman died from suspected pneumonia at the age of 82 on New Year’s Day.

The well-known Slough man is the brother of 'Superhod’ - the brickie who made national headlines for making millions during the 1980s building boom.

Max described his brother as a 'larger than life character’, adding: “Everybody knew him. It’s unlikely you will ever find anyone like Eddie again.” He said Eddie probably made more money from roofing than he did bricklaying, but said most the money ended up in the hands of bookies.

“He was a big gambler and had no respect for money,” he added. “More than 20 years ago he won £2,500 at Royal Ascot and spent most of it in the bar buying people drinks!” Eddie was even featured on Page 3 of the Sun newspaper under the tagline - 'you have heard of 'Superhod’, now meet his brother 'Superloser’’.

The story told how he had gambled more than £30,000 in a single year - causing the break up of two marriages.

Son Gary added: “He kept the story in a frame! He lived live to the full and was such a popular man.” Eddie finally retired at the age of 70 after working for his son Gary’s roofing firm. He spent his last two years at Oxford House Nursing Home, in Slough.

Eddie was one of eight brothers and sisters who grew up in Northern Road, Slough. He loved snooker and greyhound racing and was a county snooker champ aged just 17.

His funeral will be held at Slough Crematorium at 3pm on Monday, January 16.