PEOPLE of all ages, backgrounds and abilities will be able to gain new qualifications after a refresh skills centre was opened last week.

Refresh Skills Centre, on Bath Road, Slough, will offer people the chance to gain qualifications such as construction and media level one certificates.

The centre was entirely funded by the charity - Prabh Milnae Kaa Chaao (PMKC) - which relies on donations from the Slough Sikh community to operate, and they are hoping to change the lives of many people.

Susan Williams, Baroness Williams of Trafford, officially opened the new Refresh Skills Centre on Thursday.

Also in attendance was the mayor of Slough, Cllr Mohammed Rasib, and local policing area commander for Slough, Superintendent Simon Bowden.

The new centre has been a year in the making and replaces a former Citroën building.

Jatinder Singh, refresh skills centre manager, said: "It's a brilliant new beginning for this place.

"We stress that people of all backgrounds and race are welcome here, and we hope to kick start of flow of people coming in and leaving with new skills and qualifications.

"We thank the charity PMKC for their brilliant work in making this happen, as they've made it possible."

Prime Minister David Cameron said the centre will ‘undoubtedly provide economic and social benefits to the local community, whilst making the positive step of bringing the people who live there closer together’ and providing training and skills for those who need them, regardless of their background.

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