Two men who went on a ‘drug-fuelled’ crime spree in Slough last month- and used an imitation fire arm to scare an 18-year-old into handing over cash, have been sentenced.

Shane Cooper, 26, of no fixed abode and Gurvinder Mann, 37, of Aylesbury Crescent, Slough both pleaded guilty on 10 April at Reading Crown Court and were sentenced the same day.

Cooper was sentenced to a total of two years and six months imprisonment for burglary, theft, possession of an imitation firearm, and attempted burglary.

Meanwhile Mann was given a 20 month suspended sentence and ordered to do 240 hours of unpaid work for theft, attempted burglary, possession of an imitation firearm, theft from motor vehicle and resisting arrest.

Police Constable Ryan Elliott, investigating officer, of Slough CID, said: “Cooper and Mann both went on a drug-fuelled crime spree overnight between 8 and 9 March 2017.

“At around 1am on March 9, armed with an imitation firearm (which later was confirmed as a cigarette lighter) Cooper and Mann scared an 18-year-old man into handing over cash near Shaggy Calf Lane and Boarderside.

“At 3.20am they attempted to burgle a business premises in Bath Road. Chalvey. They caused damage which would cost around £2,000 to repair before making off empty-handed. At around that time on the same road Mann also stole money from a parked car.

“The pair who at the time were feeding habits of both heroin and crack cocaine were chased through the streets of Slough and Cooper was detained in Pursers Court. Mann was detained at Baylis Park and then he fought with police and verbally abused them in a bid to resist arrest. This joint effort to arrest the offenders and secure the evidence was conducted by officers from Reactive Shift, Dog Section and Armed Response operating in Slough on the night of the crime spree.

“Cooper was also charged with an additional burglary of a residential property in Lancaster Avenue, Slough on 19 December when he stole electronic items and jewellery.”