AFTER a great season that saw the club progress in all areas, Slough Rugby Club has been awarded the Peter Trunkfield Cup.

The Cup is awarded by the Bucks RFU President at the end of his Presidential year to the club that he feels has the best playing ethos and behaviour, both on and off the pitch.

The 2016/17 Bucks RFU President, Gwyn Stone, visited every Bucks club at least once on a match day last season and had some great experiences admitting that the Cup could have been awarded to more than one club this year, but was ultimately awarded to Slough.

A spokesperson for the club said it was a great achievement for those have worked hard to move forward after a rough couple of years.

The spokesperson said: “It’s just fantastic. The award is for the whole club from official to player to supporter, all of whom have played their part in making Slough the best rugby club not just in the town but in its rugby county of Buckinghamshire too."

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