SLOUGH Borough Council believe that the proposed agreement for the Arbour Park Community Stadium will give Slough Town a chance to become a permanent feature in the community.

The proposed agreement was approved at a council Cabinet meeting on Monday and will now be put to Slough Town. The proposal includes the use and profit share of Arbour Park and also catering and bar provision arrangements.

Councillor Joginder Bal is cabinet member for leisure and told the Observer: “Arbour Park has from the start been all about the community - whether that’s through Slough Town, our local schools or the Get Active events the council holds at the stadium.

“This agreement gives Slough Town the opportunity to reach out and become a permanent feature of Slough’s community, and to inspire our children to get more active more often.”

It is proposed that the council enters an 18-month agreement with the football club, with a break clause enabling either party to terminate the agreement giving a minimum of three months notice.

Slough Town have been offered a discounted rate at £15,000. The rate will reduce monetary income for the stadium, but the council believes the social return on investment will compensate for this discount as the club will be required to deliver on social return initiatives at no cost to the council.

Such initiatives include the development of a girl’s only team, commitment to recruiting players who are residents of Slough, an end-of-season tournament over a weekend for all ages and focus on encouraging children to become season ticket holders.

John Porter is general manager at Slough Town and commented: “The club is happy to learn of the approval of the proposal for Arbour Park set out at Slough Borough Council earlier this week.

“It’s an exciting time for the club, community and town, both on and off the field.

“We look forward to the next steps of our journey, in partnership with Slough Borough Council and the positive impact that will result.”

Slough Town shall also agree that the council receives 50 per-cent of profit from sales on the site from any catering and bar provision, including the tea bar.

The club has yet to sign the agreement and the proposal not yet commenced.

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