A mystery benefactor in a 'superhero' costume who has been spotted distributing food to homeless people in Slough has sparked a wave of curiosity across the town.

The man wears a tight-fitting yellow costume with a large red M on the front that is a cross between Superman and Batman's outfits - complete with flowing cape and a hood over his head that includes a large reflective visor covering his face.

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Slough resident Dave said: "I knew about him from social media. He has been doing this for two to three months - apparently, he gives out sandwiches, coffee and clothing.

"Sometimes it is in Tesco yellow shopping bag.

"Perhaps it is his way of drawing attention to the homeless."

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Mandy McGuire, who is head of day services for the charity SHOC (Slough Homeless Our Concern), had not heard about the mystery benefactor.

She said: "It is always good when someone does something to help the homeless. He is welcome to contact me if he would like to help us here at our headquarters."

SHOC is based at the Quaker's meeting house in Ragstone Road, Slough where it is open for homeless people to come Monday to Friday from 10am to 2.30pm for hot food and practical help and support.