A SHOPKEEPER said her business has been greatly affected by the current roadworks in Slough.

Rajni Prabaharan, of Brands Road, is concerned the store she runs, Stop and Shop, has lost a lot of business due to the “confusing” Brands Hill Roadworks and temporary roundabout at the junction of Sutton Lane.

She said the shop, on London Road, has seen a significant drop in customers because the cones that are laid down are blocking drivers views from finding the store.

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Mrs Prabaharan said the area is a “nightmare”.

“I am finding it really hard and I’ve got staff members to pay for and I just don’t understand how this can take so long to complete,” she said.

“There’s already been lots of accidents around the area, every week there’s at least one or two, and it’s just confusing for drivers, especially when approaching the roundabout.”

Slough Observer: A picture from the Brands Road side. Picture: Surinder RaiA picture from the Brands Road side. Picture: Surinder Rai

Surinder Rai, who also lives on Brands Road, also shared her frustrations on the issue.

“I panic every time I come out of my road,” she said.

“It’s just a nuisance, I saw a major accident happen around four or five weeks ago where a car was turned on its side so it's very dangerous.

“This has been going on for two years now and the roundabout is even more confusing if you’re not familiar with the area.

“The council need to just talk to the community, ask residents about what accidents have been happening and make the time to come out and see where the issues lie."

Mrs Rai added there’s lots of traffic in the area and and she knows others who are concerned too.

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Slough Observer contacted the council for an updated statement on the situation.

A council spokesperson said: “Our Major Infrastructure Projects Engineer is visiting the site every week and will be visiting on Thursday this week to review the works.”