A LOLLIPOP lady in Britwell has been thanked for her dedication to keeping school children safe.

Kim Ridgwell, who has been a lollipop lady on Monksfield Way for over 36 years, has helped pupils and parents travel to and from Claycots Primary School’s Britwell campus on a daily basis.

And the school welcomed Julie Siddiqi MBE to present Ms Ridgwell with an award to honour her long-standing service.

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Staff and students all joined in congratulating Ms Ridgwell as she received her certificate of thanks.

Ms Siddiqi said: "Someone like Kim, working to keep our children safe for 36 years, deserves all our thanks.

“It is so important we appreciate and thank each other. 

“What a lovely event organised by Claycots staff, Kim felt the love, and rightly so.”

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Headteacher Sarah Mijatovich said: “A special thank you to Julie for taking time out of her busy schedule to honour one of the school and Britwell’s most dedicated members.

“Kim has been part of the school community for many years and continues to enjoy making a difference to the children and families at Claycots.

“We look forward to Kim working with us for many years to come.”