Slough will lose areas of Langley from within it’s borders if proposals for a redrawn political map of the area is agreed.

The Boundary Commission for England has recently concluded its proposals for how MP seats in Parliament should be divided.

A review of the constituencies has been undertaken to ensure each MP seat has between 69,724 and 77,062 voters in it, therefore making areas across the country more balanced.

According to the proposals, the Slough constituency, held by Labour MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, will lose the old borough council wards of Langley Kedermister and Foxborough to the Windsor constituency.

It means these wards will join Colnbrook & Poyle ward, which has been in the Windsor constituency since 2001.

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Windsor is currently represented by Conservative Member of Parliament Adam Afriyie.

The changes are complicated by the fact that the two wards transferred, Langley Kedermister and Foxborough are old, as Slough Borough Council’s ward boundaries were redrawn ahead of the 2023 local elections.

The two old wards transferred have been roughly transferred to the new wards of Langley Marish and Langley Foxborough.

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Elsewhere, changes have also been made to the Maidenhead constituency, held by Conservative MP Lady Theresa May.

The Maidenhead constituency is made up by the towns council wards, along with the villages of Bray, Bisham, Cookham, Hurley and the Walthams.

It is also made up of the old Bracknell Forest wards of Ascot, Binfield with Warfield and Cranbourne, which are currently in the Windsor constituency.

Again, the situation is complicated as Bracknell Forest wards were redrawn ahead of the 2023 local elections.

It is understood that the areas of the old wards will be incorporated into Maidenhead.

Slough Observer: Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead Constituency Boundary Changes which have been finalised in the boundary review for 2023. Credit: Boundary Commission for EnglandSlough, Windsor and Maidenhead Constituency Boundary Changes which have been finalised in the boundary review for 2023. Credit: Boundary Commission for England

But the reformed Maidenhead has lost several areas to a reshaped Wokingham constituency, which more closely reflects Wokingham Borough.

The Wokingham Borough wards of Twyford, Hurst, Charvil and Wargrave, Remenham and Ruscombe have all been transferred to the Wokingham MP seat.

Meanwhile, the Sonning and Coronation wards of Wokingham Borough will be transferred to the newly minted Earley and Woodley constituency.

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Now the boundary commission’s final recommendations have been made, they will be submitted alongside other constituency boundary reviews being undertaken in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Once the four reviews are submitted, they will be implemented automatically.

The process involves the government handing the boundary changes over as ‘Order in Council’ to the Privy Council, an advisory body to King Charles III for implementation.

The new constituency boundaries will be formed ahead of the next general election.