Statement earrings made by an Ascot woman in memory of her late cousin have been a huge hit, raising over £10,000 for charity after the Princess of Wales was seen wearing them.

In June 2023, during a royal visit to Maidenhead Rugby Club, Sarah Renton spoke with Princess Kate about the loss of her 17-year-old daughter Issy Phipps who died from suicide in May 2022.

During the emotional exchange, Princess Kate was gifted a set of earrings in her memory.

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The Princess has been seen out wearing the earrings on two occasions and in true 'Kate-effect' sales of the earrings soared around the globe seeing them fly off the online shelves.

Now known as 'Issy Star', the earrings, made by Issy Phipps cousin and owner of EarSass, Sophie McGown, have raised thousands for mental health charity, Brave Mind.

The earrings were designed in honour of Issy Phipps and are 18k gold-plated and white-gold-plated star-shaped earrings.

Each sale of the £25,50 earring set sees £5 donated to Brave Mind, a Berkshire-based mental health charity.

Brave Mind works with rugby clubs, universities, colleges and schools to educate and provide support and awareness of mental health issues.

In December Sophie, Sarah and Brave Mind Founder Simon Trower were invited to attend the Royal Christmas Carol Concert at Westminster Abbey.

EarSass Founder and designer, Sophie McGown said: “It feels truly monumental to have hit over £10,000 in funds raised for Brave Mind from sales of the Issy Star.

"We’re going to do all we can to keep supporting the charity’s crucial work in educating and putting mental health issues at the heart of communities.

"It still feels surreal that the Princess of Wales has a pair of our earrings, possibly sitting on her dressing table.

"I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to The Princess, for keeping her promise to wear our earrings, not just once, but twice.

"The impact of the Princess wearing the Issy Star earrings on World Mental Health Day has been phenomenal and hugely significant for Brave Mind and our beautiful, Issy’s memory.”

Brave Mind Founder Simon Trower added: “We’re lost for words on the outstanding effort by Sophie and her amazing EarSass team. We will be forever grateful for these funds.

"This will give us the platform and opportunity to reach a huge number of people within the rugby community who require our support.

"There is a huge job to be done, especially with our younger generation."