A council has blamed resident's poor parking for missed bin collections.

Slough Borough Council has pointed the finger at several cars blocking and narrowing roads for why normal bin collections haven't taken place in several neighbourhoods.

It is an issue documented by the council before, including in December 2022 when a bin lorry was "trapped" in a cul-de-sac for two hours after parked cars blocked access.

Now the council has named and shamed motorists with images of offending vehicles.

Slough Observer: Image posted by Slough Borough Council

In a statement on the council's social media, a spokesperson said: "These images were taken today by our bin men where they couldn’t get down roads because of bad parking.

"We get it wrong sometimes, but the next time you complain your bin has been missed, spare a thought for our drivers as vehicles are very literally blocking their way."

Chantelle Kingsbury responded to the Council saying: "Unfortunately parking in residential areas in Slough is ridiculous.

"Residents sometimes have no choice but to park like this. Many households now have multiple cars and not enough parking."

While others called for the cars to be ticketed.