Labour leader Keir Starmer has insisted his party is ‘in good form’ after seven councillors in Slough resigned from his party.

The seven councillors resigned late on Monday, June 3. They cited Labour’s treatment of MP Diane Abbott, its stance on the war in Gaza, and unhappiness at Slough MP Tan Dhesi. Mr Starmer was questioned over the resignations in a live Sky News interview on Tuesday.

Sky’s reporter asked: “Seven Labour councillors in Slough have resigned calling the treatment of Diane Abbott and Faiza Shaheen racist and citing the party’s stance on Gaza – what do you say to that?”

Mr Starmer didn’t address the resignations directly – but said Labour had ‘brilliant teams out in every constituency'.

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He said: “Across the country we’ve got brilliant Labour teams out in every constituency fighting for votes in this general election. We’re in good form, we’re making a positive argument about the choice before the country.”

The names of councillors Zaffar Ajaib, Sabia Akram, Haqeeq Dar, Mohammed Nazir, Naveeda Qaseem, Waqas Sabah and Jamilia Sabah all appeared on a statement announcing their resignation late on Monday, June 3.

Among their grievances, the councillors say arguments over whether Faiza Shaheen and Diana Abbott would be allowed to stand for election on July 4 highlighted ‘institutional racism’ in Labour.

They also criticised Slough’s current MP Tan Dhesi for accusing an independent candidate of ‘toxifying’ the town.

Mr Dhesi told the Observer it was ‘strange’ that none of those councillors had raised concerns with him.