Neighbours in Slough have shared their fond memories of the Aldephi Theatre ahead of a new chapter in its long history with the venue soon to be converted into a banquet hall and wedding venue.

The Adelphi Theatre dates back to 1930, when it served as a cinema, ballroom and a cafe.

In the decades that followed, the stage in the venue was used for live music, with huge performances from The Beatles, Roy Orbison, and Jimi Hendrix, among other music legends.

People living in Slough and former residents have shared their fond memories of The Adelphi online. Leila Nelson said: "I saw The Beatles there in the early 60s. I didn't hear them singing because everyone was screaming."

Agreeing, Peter Roberts said: "Yes you couldn't hear anything of the Beatles because of the screaming girls."

The Adelphi was also fondly remembered as a dancehall back in the 1960s. Derek Macklin said: "I remember the Sunday dances after going to The Carlton Ballroom. Me and my late wife saw The Beatles twice there.

"It was a great venue, it would be brilliant if it turns back into a music venue."

Christine Taylor said: "I had lots of happy memories of the Adelphi, going to the cinema, dances and shows. It had a great dance floor.

"My Nana, Jane James, was crowned 'Slough Queen of Darts' on the stage at the Adelphi. The announcement and photo was in the Slough Observer newspaper. She was well into her 80's at the time, I wish I had kept the article.

"She also played at the British Legion on Stoke Road, and died aged 94 in 1974."

Reflecting on one particularly memorable night there, Terry Foley said: "I saw The Searchers, Dionne Warwick, and The Zombies there all in one show.

"My then-girlfriend treated us to the tickets for passing my test on my scooter."

The memories were shared on 'The Slough I Remember' Facebook page.

After decades of being a music venue, it became a Bingo Hall in 1973, according to the Cinema Treasures website.

The Adelphi was purchased by Slough Borough Council for £4.6 million in 2018, and Buzz Bingo soon became the tenants of The Adelphi in 2018. In 2022, the company was paying the council around £40,000 per annum to use it.

However, the much-loved venue was sold in January last year to ease Slough Borough Council’s debt pressures. The venue was sold to become the Crystal Grand in an agreement made in January last year, with Buzz Bingo closing down in April 2023.

The new owners submitted a licensing application to applied to hold live music at The Adelphi from 9am to 11pm each day of the week, with recorded music going until 1am each night.

The owners also applied to sell alcohol at the theatre until 00.30am each night, and serve late night refreshment that covers food and soft drinks until that time as well.

A consultation into the licensing application closed on Tuesday, July 2.