DENNY Bulman has opened his heart on what it means to have won the PowerBox Promotions light heavyweight title.

Bulman, 27, lifted the Class B title after a split decision win over the more experienced Jeff Cohen at the Atik in Windsor on Sunday.

The Slough sensation admits it winning means the world to him and hopes the success has made his family and friends proud.

An emotional Bulman told the Observer: “I’m over the moon and could not ask for more. I had everyone out there cheering me on and it just meant the world to me.

“I boxed well and didn’t get rushed into any needless brawls. I just stood back, watched what he was doing and played it careful, and it was a very good fight.

“I boxed to my gameplan which was to go in, feel him out and see what he was made of, and to be fair Jeff is a very good fighter.”

He added: “Before every fight I get nervous. The lead up is the worse. All the training and everything I have put into it. Just winning means the world.

“I have finally got something out of it that I can be proud of, look back on, and say I’ve done something on my own that means a lot.”

VIDEO: The first round of the light heavyweight title fight between Denny Bulman (red) and Jeff Cohen.

The new champion also heaped praise on the defeated Cohen, with a possible rematch on the cards in the next PowerBox show in June.

Bulman commented: “Jeff is very experienced. He knows what he’s doing and he is a proper gentleman, so if he wants another crack at it I will give him another crack.

“Without a shadow of a doubt he’s a very good fighter and it was a pleasure to have a nice tear up with him.

“Jeff wants to go again so we will do that. I’m not one to back down from a challenge. It was a very close fight and luckily I just edged it, and if he wants the rematch he can have it.

“I’m prepared to carry on with boxing and what I did was for my family, to make them proud, and for all the support out there. It was amazing and I could not ask for more.

“I loved it and winning this goes out to all of them. That is the icing on the cake and I could not have asked for more.”

Elsewhere on the PowerBox card, Daniel Gaut beat rival Rees Cornell on points in a heavyweight title eliminator.

The two had exchanged strong words in the build-up to the fight but there is a great mutual respect between the two now.

VIDEO: Round one of the heavyweight title eliminator between Daniel Gaut (in black) and Rees Cornell (in blue).

Cornell, 27, said: “Fair play to Dan. It was a good fight and we both gave it our all. The referee went with him and I think it was the most fair decision.

“He caught me with a couple of shots and I lost my gameplan. When he busted my nose, my gameplan was to try to take his head off but I knew I had the chin for the fight.

“I will be back, don’t you worry about that. I’m going to brush up on my technique and go again, so thank you to everyone.”

Gaut, 30, and whose win was an emotional one after the recent death of his mother-in-law added: “I’ve got respect for Rees now, that was a brilliant fight. What happened pre-fight is all forgotten as far as I’m concerned and I have got a lot of respect for him.

“If Rees gets fit he’s going to be a challenger. He’s tough, took my best, and stayed in there until the end, so I can only give him my respect.

“It didn’t go to plan but a win is a win. At least now I know I can go back and have got a lot to work on. Nothing can be perfect in life but a win is a win.

“I’m hoping to fight for a title in June and we will see how we get on. I want to fight again because I’ve got things that I still need to prove.”

He continued: “It’s more emotional than anything else. I promised my dying mother in law that I would win for her and I have. Amanda Ball I love you and thank you.

Slough Observer:

PHOTO: One-time rivals Rees Cornell (in blue) and Daniel Gaut (in black) now have a great mutual respect for one another.

“Thank you to everyone that came from all places. I’m just so happy they came and hope they are as proud.”

Looking ahead to the future and the title fight, Gaut’s coach Stanlee Wilson said: “We had a gameplan coming into the fight and we sort of got lost from that a little bit but, as a coach, my fighter has got the win, so I can’t really be too hard on Dan about that.

“There’s definitely stuff we can take back to the gym to work on but every fighter, no matter how good you are, you are always going to learn and work on new things.

“It’s another win and got him that shot at the title he’s after so we will just go back to the gym and get ready for that.”