SEVERAL roads around Langley and Colnbrook are said to have been affected by recent airport parking issues.

Residents have voiced their concerns that cars are being abandoned on nearby roads to Heathrow Airport, and it’s got worse during the Easter holidays.

It is rumoured that car parking companies working for the airport are to blame, who are doing this to save on costs.

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But the cars are said to be left in unsafe places, according to a business employee who was one of the people to raise concern.

Slough Observer: Image of Lakeside Road, ColnbrookImage of Lakeside Road, Colnbrook

Currently, these are the roads that appear to be targeted by the parking companies according to locals:

Linden House

Lakeside Road, Colnbrook

Tamar Way, Langley

Humber Way, Langley

Thames Road

Crown meadow

Seacourt Road, Langley

Councillor Madhuri Bedi (Foxborough) is currently looking into the issue and has chased the council to take action.

She has proposed they write a letter to Heathrow Airport to see whether they are aware of this happening.

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The council spokesperson originally said: “Residents and councillors have reported issues with car parking in areas nearby the airport.

“We understand their frustrations, however if there are no parking restrictions in place on the road, and the vehicles are taxed, there is no enforcement action the parking team can take.”

Are there any other roads you are aware of that are also affected by this ongoing problem?