POLICE and courts have been busy this year and many defendants have received a jail sentence. 

From murder and manslaughter to burglary and drug offences, the courts have seen a lot of incidents which have result in imprisonment.

Here is a round-up of some of the criminals who received a jail sentence this year:



Ryan Rogers and Shaylun Wilson were jailed for four and five years respectively for a robbery at the University of Reading campus.

Slough Observer:  Ryan Rogers and Shaylun Wilson  Ryan Rogers and Shaylun Wilson  (Image: TVP)

- Subhaan Nazir was jailed for three years for possession of Class A drugs.

- Dean Anderson was jailed for almost three years for possession of class A drugs valued at £363,000

- Jake Carter, Tilehurst, was jailed for almost three years for assault at a pub


- Luke Spencer, Reading, jailed for a year and a half for dangerous driving, he left the scene of an accident involved three cars in Reading.

- Jordan Musa, Earley, jailed for over six years for stabbing a man twice in Reading

Slough Observer: Jordan MusaJordan Musa (Image: TVP)

- James Crockett, Slough, jailed for three years and nine months, after almost severing his neighbours foot in a land dispute near Slough.


- Dane Pretlove, Newbury, jailed for 21 months after strangling his partner despite her claims it was ‘consensual rough sex’.

- Mark Robinson, Reading, jailed for three and a half years for drug offences

- Christopher Hale, Reading, jailed for over 12 years as he was a former scout leader convicted of a string of historic sex offences against a boy.

Slough Observer: Christopher HaleChristopher Hale (Image: TVP)

William Forbes, Hungerford, jailed for 27 months after two couples discovered their £750k homes are worthless after Forbes, the owner of a house building company, committed fraud.

- Kayden Williams, Tilehurst, was jailed for four and a half years after punching a 15-year-old girl in the face

- Ricky Harman, Maidenhead,  jailed for almost two years for strangling his ex-partner, leading her to believe she was going to die.

- Bradley Holloway, Reading, raped a six-year-old girl when he was a teenager has been jailed for six years eighteen years later. 

- Imran Beg, Reading, jailed for four years for domestic abuse

- George Dallarda, Reading, jailed for four years and eight months after police found £12,900 of drugs during a raid of a property

- Triston Box, Earley, was jailed for 20 months after being caught by uncover officers online after he revealed to them he had fantasies about young children.

Slough Observer: Triston BoxTriston Box (Image: TVP)

- Nicolas Maze, Reading robbed a bakery takeaway service armed with a screwdriver has was jailed for more than two years.

- Lawrence Tozer, Reading, was jailed for over six years for causing the death of a 76-year-old Reading woman. 

​- Kirkpatrick Virgo, Reading, jailed for 21 years and 123 days the murder of a 24-year-old, Thomas Parker.

Slough Observer: Kirkpatrick Virgo and Thomas ParkerKirkpatrick Virgo and Thomas Parker (Image: TVP)

Gufran Ahmed and Noor Fatima, both of Slough, jailed for nine years after a conspiracy to set fire to a cinema

- Rohil and Nabil Aslam, Slough, jail for almost five years and nine months respectively for assaulting several people on a night out.

- Ryan Hodge, Slough, jailed for almost two years for taking a knife into a Tummies restaurant

- Zohaib Rafiq, Slough, jailed for 16 months for dangerous driving


Antonio Ana and Laurentiu Pirvu, Reading, jailed for nine months for stealing 10k worth of iPhones

- Michelle Townsend, Reading, jailed for 15 months for stabbing a man in the neck

Richard Hiscock and Paul Hedley, Reading, jailed for two years for drug offences

- Riaz Miah and Hassan Al-Kubanji, Slough, jailed for 23 years for the murder of Rafaqit Kayani

Slough Observer: Mohammed Rafaqit Kayani with defendants Riah Miaz top right and Hassan Al-Kubanji bottom rightMohammed Rafaqit Kayani with defendants Riah Miaz top right and Hassan Al-Kubanji bottom right (Image: TVP)

- Omar Chaudry, Slough, jailed for 12 years for stabbing a dog walker

Fariyaz Ahmed, Shayan Mir, Hammad Din, Daniel Marshal, and Tanwier Hussain, Slough, all jailed for varying times due to their involvement in an organised crime group

- Jason Porter, Slough, jailed for 33 months for selling drugs

- Amrik Bajwa, Slough, jailed for 12 weeks for an offensive TikTok

- Ashleigh Chesney, Slough, jailed for 16 months after travelling to Reading with a steak knife intending to slit her ex-girlfriend’s throat.

- Robert Frid, Bracknell, jailed for 36 years for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a three-year-old girl


- Darren Brown, Newbury, jailed for 22 weeks for possessing a knuckle duster

- Nadine Jemmott, Southcote, jailed for 32 months for drug offences.

- Oliver Baker, Mapledurham, jailed for 40 months for intentional strangulation and assault

- Paul Smith, Berkshire, jailed for four years for supplying drugs and possessing criminal property.

Pedro Moura and Haider Fernandes, Reading, jailed for four years for drug offences

- Adam Waite, Reading, jailed for four years for his involvement in the mugging of a man who was then kicked into a river

- Cameron Gruber, Reading, jailed for almost three years drug offences

- David Morgan, Reading, jailed for 13 years for plying a young boy with alcohol and raping him

Slough Observer: David MorganDavid Morgan (Image: NQ)

- Benjamin Critchley, Reading, jailed for 26 month after being caught with £5600 worth of drugs, dangerous driving that caused a collision and trying to escape the scene in a taxi.

- Charlie Jewell, Reading, jailed for 18 months for assault and strangulation

- Ben Lyden, Reading, jailed for nine years assaulting a woman

- George Hall, Windsor, jailed for nine years for an historic sexual assault against a young girl

- Shaun Atkins, Woodley, jailed for eight years after stealing 600k from a bank

- Carl Button, Bracknell, for years for several counts of sexual assault after attacking a woman in her fifties during his time as a housing officer.


Joshua Julia, Wokingham, jailed for four years for causing death of Deliveroo cyclist by dangerous driving

- Jake Skinner, Reading, jailed for 12 months for revenge porn

- Robin Cook, Reading, jailed for 10 years for raping and grooming a teen

- Fatjon Fata, West Berkshire, jailed for 49 months for drug offences

- Aaron Coaker, Reading, jailed for two years for burglary offences

- Darius Ellis, Reading, jailed for 36 months for punching a shopper and stealing his phone

Fraser Banham, Kieron Evans, and Armani Robbins, jailed for different periods for the thefts and burglaries across Reading

- Adam Gerezgher, Reading jailed for three and a half years for sexually assaulting a teen

- Sabeur Trabelsi, Reading, jailed for six years for the manslaughter of Jason Page after punching him after he was caught shoplifting

Slough Observer: Jason Page and Sabeur TrabelsiJason Page and Sabeur Trabelsi (Image: TVP)

Yousef Zayadi, Nabeel Asghar, Adem Alpar, and Rinor Mehmetaj, Wokingham, jailed for different periods due to drug offences

- Kyle Hickey, Maidenhead, jailed for 12 years after robbing his friend's pub

- Timothy O'Reilley, Datchet, jailed for sexual activity with a child

- David Alder, Slough, jailed for over two years for paedophilic offences

- Kasra Esmaelie and Aziz Nasser, Slough, jailed for 13 years and 10 years for the kidnap and rape of a woman

- Barry Shrives, Bracknell, jailed for 20 months after intentionally strangling his partner and then his father 

Carl Dougles, Wokingham, jailed for half a decade for sexual offences


John Gallagher, Reading, jailed for nine months for domestic assault 

- Mohamed Hamza, Reading – jailed for four and half years after pulling a woman from the car by her neck, stealing the vehicle and crashing in it in Reading.

- Jackie Ilic, Maidenhead – jailed for 36 months for fraud against her elderly father 

- Edgar Junior, Reading – jailed for 18 months after making inappropriate comments towards a female passenger before touching her thighs.

- Michael Tatham, Reading – jailed for 17 months after accessing the dark web 

- Godwin Tsakadi, Reading – jailed for eight years for rape 

- David Clark, Reading – jailed for over two years for attacking a woman and threatening to kill her 

- Anthony Moore, Maidenhead, jailed for 18 weeks for possession of weapons 

Wayne Swaine, Reading, jailed for 26 weeks for assaulting a doorman

- Lewis Dearlove, Bracknell, jailed for two years for robbery


- Derek Sarfo, Reading,  jailed for 24 months for drug offences 

- Ryan Solly, Newbury – jailed for two years for burglary offences 

- Armando Kaci, Reading – jailed for four years and six months for drug offences 

- Ikramul Hoque, Reading – jailed for seven years for drug offences

Troy Pieper, Craig Pieper, Dwaine Joseph, Jake Horwood, and Rhys Cunningham, Caversham, jailed for different periods for burglary

- Alan Walters, Tilehurst, jailed for 18 months threatening neighbour with a kitchen knife 

- Sagar Gurung, Reading – jailed for eight years for sexual assault and attempted rape 

- Abdul Khan, Reading, jailed for over eight years for the rape of teenager 

- Dean Yates, Reading,  jailed for 20 years for sexual offences against children 

Slough Observer: Dean YatesDean Yates (Image: TVP)

- David Stevens, Slough, jailed for six years and six months for dangerous driving, he fell asleep at the wheel 

- Harry Bampton, Slough, jailed for five years for blackmail 

- Ben Donnelly, Slough, jailed for eight years for stabbing his girlfriend's dad

Johnathan Knight, Richard Loxston, and Robert McGeachie, Bracknell, jailed for different periods for sexual assault 'prank'

- Attila Dombi, Bracknell, jailed for 18 years for the  rape of young girl 


- Edward Price, Reading, jailed for seven years for historic sexual offences

- Waseem Khan, Reading, jailed for different periods for drug offences


- Andrew Brown, Theale, jailed for over two years for stalking offences 

- Thomas Parker, Calcot – jailed for 14 months for dangerous driving and criminal damage 

- Satwinder Singh, Berks and Bucks, jailed for 12 months after taking over 36 driving theory tests on behalf of other people as part of an ‘organised crime’ ring 

Martin Bodman and Alan Ludlow, Slough, jailed for different periods for a string of thefts

- Ryan Efey, Slough, jailed for one year and nine months for threatening person with a weapon 

Ahmad Hassan, Slough, jailed for four years for assisting a murderer in the death of Kyron Lee

Slough Observer: Kyron LeeKyron Lee (Image: TVP)

- Andrzej Bojanowski, Slough, jailed for four years for burglary and two attempted burglaries in Slough


- Ionut Budar, Slough – jailed for almost three years for drug offences 

- Grafton Vaughan, Reading – jailed after for seven years after a drugs raid 

Tajal Campbell, Reading – jailed for almost five years for drug offences 

- Daniel Fidler, Berkshire – jailed for over two years for fraudulent activity 

- Jamar Campbell, Reading – jailed for over two years drug offences 

- Mohammed Islam, Slough, jailed for seven years for grievous bodily harm 

- Dre Hayden, Bracknell, jailed for almost four years for stabbing a man in the face 

Slough Observer: Dre HaydenDre Hayden (Image: TVP)